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https://funnynew.medium.com/youtube-to-itunes-free-converter-for-mac-56ef1fa8ad9d. Note: this YouTube video converter for Mac enjoys free upgrade to support the latest Mac version-Mac OS X Mavericks. Step 4: Press the ‘RUN’ button Hit the ‘RUN’ button and start converting YouTube videos to iTunes on Mac OS X. All the tasks can be finished at fast speed and high output quality.

Besides moving photos from iPhone to MacBook, you can take advantage of iPhone photo manager to: transfer video/movies from iPhone iPod iPad to Mac (macOS Mojave included) and vice versa; mount iPhone iPod iPad as a portable hard drive to save all kinds of data covering videos, movies, Word, Excels, installation packages and more.

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Nowadays the Apple Inc. plays a significant role in computer manufactures. MacBook Pro is an amazing product developed by Apple, which features smooth running speed, gorgeous appearance and lasting battery power. With these advantages, more and more people are prone to choose a MacBook Pro as their working and study tools. When it comes to making videos of gameplay, tutorial or presentation on Mac, users may not get adequate selections of recorder application for Mac. In order to help those users, the following part will give an explicit demonstration to teach them how to record video on MacBook Pro.

Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder is a professional application for recording the screen on Mac. It allows you to record your activity in full screen, customized area and webcam. In the meanwhile, you can also record multiple audio sources (System sound, Microphone or both) along with screen recording. It supports exporting recorded video in the format of MP4 which can be played on various devices. Moreover, its built-in converter allows you to convert and merge video clips in batch. To know how to make a video on MacBook Pro with this application, you can check the steps below.

  • Download and install Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder in your computer.
  • Launch it then go to “Options” to customize recording settings. (You can also set preferable hotkeys in “Options” panel to control recording processes).
  • Drag down the menu of “Audio input” to choose needed audio source (System sound, Microphone or both).
  • Select recording mode (Region, Full screen or Web camera) from “Record” menu.
  • Click “Record” to start recording.
  • Press “Stop” button on control bar when you want to finish recording.

Tips: During recording, you can also insert your webcam in recording area by clicking the webcam icon on control bar. This function can help you to make picture-in-picture video which is more vivid. Besides, a task scheduler is also available in this application, which can record screen automatically during your absence. You will find this tool handy when you need to record screen at your absence from computer.

Screencast-O-Matic is a famous application which is also compatible with Mac OS. The users-friendly interface and practical functions win the favors of users. It allows you to record your screen as videos in the formats of MP4, AVI, FLV and even GIF. In addition, this application can also share your videos to YouTube immediately after recording video on MacBook Pro. You can do as follow.

  • Download and install Screencast-O-Matic in your Mac then launch it.
  • Click Microphone icon to choose desired audio input on interface.
  • Adjust recording frame to preferable size then click “Start” button on control bar.
  • Press “Stop” button to finish recording.
  • Publish recorded video to YouTube or save in local drive on the pop up interface after recording.

Unfortunately, there’s no converter or video editor available in this application. In the meanwhile, the trial version allows users to record video for only 15 minutes with watermark attached.

QuickTime is the default media player for Mac which supports playing video and audio of multiple formats. Actually, QuickTime is also capable of recording audio and video on your screen. You can then export recorded video to Mac drive as MOV file. After that, check the video you recorded just like watching a movie. You will know how to record videos on MacBook Pro with QuickTime from the instructions below.

  • Launch QuickTime.
  • Click “File” > “New Screen Recording” on the top menu bar.
  • Drag a certain region on screen for regional recording (Double click the screen for full screen recording).
  • Click “Stop” button on the menu bar when you want to end recording.
  • The recorded video will be played automatically for reviewing, close playing window to rename and save in any preferable directory.

Although QuickTime is the most convenient method for recording video on MacBook Pro, the MOV file it records isn’t supported by most of players or portable devices. For this case, you may consider the former two applications which work even better than QuickTime.

Nevertheless, these three solutions above are quite useful in recording screen on MacBook Pro, and the operation steps are extremely simple which can be grasped by users easily. Wishing all of you will learn how to record video on MacBook Pro from the instructions above.

HEIC, which is the abbreviation of High Efficiency Image File Format, is a more advanced image format released by Apple recently. One of the biggest advantages of HEIC format is that it can keep a smaller file size while it is also offering the opportunity to retain even better image quality. I am sure that you may have known of this kind of file format from the major media. If you are using the latest macOS 10.13 High Sierra, you can view the HEIC photos imported from your iPhone directly. But do you know how to open HEIC on Mac with macOS 10.12 Sierra or the older operating systems? If not, you may read on to find out your optimal solution.

Actually, before you import the photos from your iPhone to Mac for having a better look at them on the big screen, you can choose to save their formats in .jpg. The process to share your iPhone images as JPG is very simple.

For iPhone X, 8, 7

  1. Unlock your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to Camera, tap it and then go to tap “Formats”.
  3. Select “Most Compatible” under CAMERA CAPTURE section.

Freeware mov to wmv converter for mac. For iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or the older iPhones

  1. Go and tap the “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll up until you see Photos, tap it.
  3. Select “Automatic” under TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC section.

Apowersoft Free HEIC Converter is a very handy tool which can help you convert HEIC files to JPG instantly. It has a very intuitive and elegant interface. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you will know how to use it at the first sight without any former experience in this type of activity.

How to open HEIC file on Mac by converting via this free HEIC converter:

  • Go to visit Apowersoft Free HEIC Converter on your Safari, Chrome or other browser.
  • Simply click on the rectangle area to load your HEIC for converting. Or you may open your photos folder and select the HEIC files, afterwards drag and drop them to the highlighted area.
  • The converter will start to convert the HEIC to JPG as soon as it finishes uploading. The size of each file is displayed on the interface clearly. Choose to download one or all JPEG files according to your needs.

In case you are having concerns about the privacy while using the HEIC converter, you can also feel secured as in case of this file format. You are only the person who can access your HEIC files and all the images will be deleted automatically after conversion. But if you feel it a little troublesome to go to the online website for converting each time, you may choose to download its desktop version.

The desktop HEIC converter is also easy to use and has more functions than the online version.

After converting the HEIC files to JPG formats, you can use the photo viewer installed on your Mac to view them.

Dropbox is a well-known file hosting service which has the ability to sync files across all your devices so that you can access them at any time you want to. With this creative collaboration space, you can cooperate with your team more efficiently than ever before. As it is stated on Dropbox website, now it supports the new .heic format and allows you to sync this kind of file type among your devices. It is available to preview HEIC file on the dropbox.com and Dropbox app on your iOS or Android device.

How to use Dropbox as a Mac HEIC viewer:

  • Turn on your iPhone and go to launch the App Store then input Dropbox in the search bar. Download and install Dropbox on your iPhone. Skip this step you have already installed it.
  • Click on the available Dropbox icon and log in your existing account or sign up if you don’t have one already.
  • Now choose to upload the HEIC photos that you intend to view on your Mac to its cloud storage.
  • Download and install Dropbox on your Mac and sign in your account. Finally, open the Dropbox folder and preview the HEIC files.

To sum up, it can become remarkably simple to view HEIC on Mac by using one of the methods we shared above. However, in case you find other good ways for opening HEIC files on Windows or Mac, we would be happy if you write it down in the comments or contact our editor via social network sites. We will check and add it into our article so that the readers can also benefit from it. Your kind help or suggestion will be highly appreciated!

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